If you have difficulty, you may download (save) any file as follows:

Right click on the desired file.
       2)  Select "
Save link as" or "Save target as" or "Download..."
            - varies with your computer
Save the file.

       Now to view or play the file at any time, simply...:
double click on the file you saved. Problem? then...
            - Click here for free PDF reader:

Advanced info:

      The instructions above are for viewing/playing the files outside your web browser. If you prefer, you should be able to view/play the files inside your web browser, that is at the website by
Left clicking the desired file. IF Left clicking does not work properly, you are likely missing a plug-in for your Web browser. The plug-ins are free and are usually available under your browser Tools or Add-ons menu selections.

      For viewing/printing the Notes, I recommend the latest Adobe PDF plug-in. For listening to the audio files, there are several popular audio players available. They include Windows Media Player, Quicktime, Shockwave, etc, available as free plug-ins for most systems.